publish and subscribe

publish and subscribe

Post by Larry Risse » Fri, 04 Jul 1997 04:00:00

Can someone tell me how publish and subscribe work? We have a vendor who
is trying to set up multiple servers with multiple databases that will
update a data warehouse. He says that, by using publish and subscribe,
he  can update the tables without duplicates, even though one person may
be entered on one system with a different address, etc. than on another
system. This seems a little backward to me, and that one central server
database with all clients accessing that information more efficient and
safer. Any advice?


1. Funky -- publish and subscribe to self all on server

... and yet it pulls data from the remote workstation, even
unidirectionly if I hack the job on the server to use -ExchangeType 1.
Or was it 2?

No publications or subscriptions show in the Enterprise Manager for
the workstation, yet it does have local MSMerge tables, ... sigh.  I'm
still trying to determine if this is workable for our app.

Joshua Stern

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