Need Consultants for Med Lab SQL database

Need Consultants for Med Lab SQL database

Post by Kendall Crookston, M.D.,Ph.D » Thu, 12 Feb 1998 04:00:00

Consultants Needed for Medical laboratory SQL database project with Visual
basic front end.  Request for response from interested developers and consultants.

The nonprofit Puget Sound * Center is located in Seattle, Washington and
collects approximately 200,000 units of * each year.  There are a number
of medical laboratories associated with the * Center that deal with all
aspects of transfusion and transplantation medicine, ranging from coagulation
to immunogenetics to virology.  Several thousand tests are performed each
month.  We desire to centralize non-transfusion specimen processing and
replace the several individual lab databases currently being used.  We
anticipate using an SQL database on Windows NT server(s) with a visual basic
front end for each laboratory and for the specimen processing area.
Incorporation of a bar-coded specimen tracking system is also planned, as well
as reporting functions and links with our billing and transfusion databases.
The possibility of using intranet technology for remote access is being explored.

If you know of developers that have had experience setting up an SQL database
for laboratory data (or analogous systems) and might be interested in working
with Puget Sound * Center, please contact  us by return e-mail.


1. SQL/MED spec for cross-database linkages

Joe, have you heard of a standard called SQL/MED?  I came across a
description of it the other day.  You might think it's got some medical
connotation, but actually the acronym is Management of External Data,
and what it is is a standard spec for shipping chunks of SQL queries to
remote servers.  For instance, given

        SELECT * FROM, WHERE ...

where is on a remote machine, the spec lays down how the local and
remote servers can cooperate to execute this query intelligently ---
including deciding where to execute various WHERE clauses to minimize
the amount of data shipped.  (The article I found was actually about
how the new draft version of SQL/MED improves the protocol to let this
sort of thing be done better; it seems the original spec only allowed
retrieval of a whole table's contents.)

This looks like it might be a great long-term replacement for dblink,
and if it is standard, so much the better.

I imagine the draft version of the new SQL/MED spec may be available on
the web, but haven't gone looking.

Just a heads-up in case you are interested...

                        regards, tom lane

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