Can standard edition be upgraded to enterprise edition

Can standard edition be upgraded to enterprise edition

Post by Calvin Su » Wed, 29 Jan 2003 18:50:55

Must I make the standard-vs.-enterprise edition decision
at the time I purchase?  I was wondering if I can start
out with standard, and then later (if needs arises) change
to enterprise edition by paying only the difference, or a
nominal amount above this difference?

Or, am I "stuck"?  If I started with standard and outgrow
it, must I then buy a NEW license of enterprise?  Thanks.


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We are considering moving ACCESS97 to SQL backend.  The
processor lincese is our choice.  However, just wonder how
much it will cost if we buy standard edition for now and
upgrade to enterprise edition later?  we have both
internal and external(remote) users and databases size is
not really big at this moment.  Should we just buy the
enterprise edition right now?  

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