can't access data in sql server from client

can't access data in sql server from client

Post by Sergi » Fri, 01 Aug 1997 04:00:00

We have sql server 3.5 sp3 on NT3.51, I have NT4.0 sp3 and sql odbc driver
"SQL Server 3.50.0256", MS Access 95.
I CAN access data in plain access db on the server and
I CAN access table design info on sql server BUT
I CANNOT access data in a table on sql server which is on LAN.
Whether I try accessing data through QUERIES or FORMS or TABLES I get the
same error "ODBC connection to mydb failed".  I tried various versions of
odbc drivers and one old one did work somewhat but very slow, it took 20-40
minutes to load a table with data of 12000 records.  We have other
computers, either Win95 or NT 3.51 that do work fine, but since I have a
new computer with the "latest" software, I can't connect.
Can someone help or steer me into right direction?
Is it the wrong version of odbc, or some Access files?



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