How to program a new ODBC driver ?

How to program a new ODBC driver ?

Post by Gianluca Hot » Sat, 23 Jan 1999 04:00:00

>I want to work on a database, through OBDC, for which no driver exists.
>Hence, I would like to program my own OBDC driver for this database, but
I'm a
>beginner (also in english...) and I have no documenatations, nor tutorials
>examples .... (the poor one... ;)

>so WHERE can I find some samples, tutorials, documentations etc...on OBDC
>the way to program drivers for OBDC.

Everything is available at
Download the MDAC SDK (quite big, I think it's around 30MB)
it's full of samples and documentation.

Gianluca Hotz
MVP + MCP SQL Server and MCP Windows


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