Any known problems migrating SQL under NT to SQL 2000

Any known problems migrating SQL under NT to SQL 2000

Post by Rand » Fri, 16 Nov 2001 07:37:10

Hi,  Is anyone familiar with any known problems/issues
migrating, in place, Nt to 2000 (Server), then SQL v7 to
SQL 2000 ?



Any known problems migrating SQL under NT to SQL 2000

Post by Jivko Dobrev [M » Sat, 29 Dec 2001 08:00:16

Dear Randy,

Not many known implications exist with the upgrade path that you have
chosen. However, some prerequisites will be needed :
1) Make a full backup of all the databases, including master, model and msdb
2) Stop the SQL Server service and copy the MSSQL7\DATA folder contents as
well as any other database files anywhere else to a secure place
(preferably to another server).

The contingency plan for rollback in case that anything goes wrong is very
simple -
1) Wipe out the machine and reinstall the NT4. Preserve the original drive
letters structure
2) Install cleanly SQL Server 7.0
3) Stop the service and replace the database with the ones created above.
Make sure you preserve the locations
4) Log on as 'sa' and drop and recreate the BUILTIN\Administrators login
and grant it the sysadmin rights to all the dbs. The SID in the SQL Server
sysxlogins will not reflect the newly created local Administrators group

There's an implication that you must be cautioned about. Please take a look
at the KB article Q300676 FIX: Upgrade from SQL 7.0 Aborts w/Messages.sql
Unable to Connect

Hope that this information is useful for you!
Have a wonderful day!
Jivko Dobrev

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