concurrent connections

concurrent connections

Post by Marti » Mon, 11 Oct 1999 04:00:00

Sorry for off-topic, but is it really good idea to open ODBC connections in
Application start NOT Session start event in .asp? And could this cause
problems when 1000 users concurently use the same connection thus?



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I have read the manual about the 5 concurrent batches:

A concurrent workload governor limits the performance of the database engine
in these two editions. The performance of individual Transact-SQL batches is
decreased when more than five batches are executed concurrently. The amount
each batch is slowed down depends on how many batches over the five-batch
limit are executing concurrently, and the amount of data retrieved by the
individual batches. As more batches are executed concurrently, and as more
data is retrieved by each batch, the more the governor slows down the
individual batches. You can use the DBCC CONCURRENCYVIOLATION statement to
report how often the concurrent workload governor is activated. For more

Does this have anything at all to do with concurrent db connections?

If you share one connection among 5 or more threads in ADO are your still
going to run into this if they execute something all at once.

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