Post by Anthony Smit » Sat, 01 Apr 2000 04:00:00

I just installed SQL 7 S.P. 2 and now I can't access any of my frontpage
webs. I went into FP Admin and didn't see the 8080 set up so I set it up and
still nothing.  When in frontpage I get a timed out error message while
trying to connect to a server "IBMSERVER" ON port 8080.  SQL Svc pack did
some change to the MMC and other things can someone help, maybe I didn't set
the 8080 port back properly.

1. SP2 - IIS & SQL Connection problem

I've developing an ASP application that connects to the (local) database.
This WAS working.

After upgrading to SP2 of SQL 7 I am now unable to connect - I'm getting
Login Failed error message for every use that I try, sa, IUSR_MACHINE, etc

No setting were changed on IIS prior to applying SP2 ...

What is happening please?

Mike Tissington, MCSD, MCDBA
Shimmering Water

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