"Error Configuring Data Source"

"Error Configuring Data Source"

Post by JRandall » Sat, 25 May 2002 05:52:16

I'm getting this error message from a third party program that is hitting a
SQL database. I have checked the configuration in the ODBC settings. That
connection is working ok. Any clues about this message? I know it's pretty
vague, but I've tried about everything. Even the support for the third party
program have been pretty unhelpful. Thanks.



"Error Configuring Data Source"

Post by T Bank » Sat, 25 May 2002 10:30:54

Try this:


Above article should be what you are looking for, but if not, perhaps the
ones below might assist.  Please post back if this works for you so that
others may use this if it is useful




1. "Not configured for DATA ACCESS"

From my home server 'myserver1' I've tried to set up server 'myserver2'
as a linked server in SQL2000 for myself, userid=xxx, with these

--while on myserver1:
sp_addserver myserver2
exec sp_addremotelogin myserver2,xxx

--while on myserver2:
sp_addserver myserver1
exec sp_addremotelogin myserver1,xxx

Everything went fine.  But when I tried to actually access the data on
myserver2 I received this error:

Server 'myserver2' is not configured for DATA ACCESS.

Can someone suggest what might be going on?

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