Web User Auth using MS-SQL

Web User Auth using MS-SQL

Post by Chri » Wed, 23 Sep 1998 04:00:00

Hello World

Has any authenticate web users from an MS-SQL using ODBC or anything...I
have a customer database but what to use it to authenticate them on the
web. I need some help or someone to guide me where I can fine this



1. Web Server Auth (using DB)


We currently have a NT Oracle Web server which we are using to extract data
from a UNIX based Oracle Database.  We would like to authenticate users
accessing our web site.  We are aware that we can use many different web
server initiated validation routines (domains, OS password list, etc..),
but we need to use the existing UNIX DB password list.  We have heard that
this is possible with PL/SQL but have not found any examples.  We tried
using CONNECT, but are either using it wrong or it will not work.  Does
anybody know if you can authenticate users using an existing DB.  Any
info/solutions would be appreciated (Java / PL/SQL, etc..).

Thanks in advance,

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