Messages while stored procedure runs?

Messages while stored procedure runs?

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You could use the select statement.

>Is it possible to print output to the Enterprise Query window *while* a
>stored procedure is running in a loop? The Print command outputs, but it
>holds the output until the stored procedure completes. I'd like to to see
>output as it happens...

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1. Stored Procedure runs over 90 times slower as run directly from QA


We have a table with transactions with employee_id, transactiondate and
amount (and some other fields).
I created a select query to select the sum(amount) between two dates grouped
by employee_id, and joined the sames table with all refunds (amount < 0).
The table contains about 25.000.000 records, primary key clustered index on
the transactiondate field.

When I execute the query from QA and select one month, the query returns
withing 2 seconds.
When I create a stored procedure with start/end date as parameter, the SP
runs for 3 minutes and 40 seconds.

I checked the execution plan and this is completly different. I tried an
index hint, this helped me sometimes with queries on large table, without
success. I tried all join hint, no results.

We are running SQL 2000 on a dual xeon. Here are the queries:
-- query start >>>>>>>>

Select T1.employee_id, count(t1.amount), sum(t1.amount) , t2.AmountRefunds
From  Transactions T1

(Select employee_id, sum(amount) AmountRefund
 From Transaction
 Where Amount < 0 Group by employee_id ) T2
ON T1.employee_id = T2.employee_id

Group by T1.employee_id, t2.AmountRefunds
-- query end  <<<<<<<<<<

When I remove the declare lines and set lines and write the create procedure

When I run

exec SP_ReturnSalesReturns '20030101' , '20030102'

This will run for more then 3 minutes.


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