Upgrade from 6.5 to 2000

Upgrade from 6.5 to 2000

Post by American Cocke » Wed, 15 May 2002 23:14:54

We are planning to upgrade soon.  I currently have two

(1) Are there any really good documents that I can use?  
(either published or from personal usage)

(2) I am planning to do some timing-tests for DTS and BCP
to see which method will have the least effect on
Production, and, for now, I would love to hear from anyone
with personal experience...

Thanks in advance.


1. SQL Upgrade Wizard 6.5 to 2000 fails -- HELP!!

I get an error stating on an NT server box:
"Neither DSN nor SERVER keyword supplied. Invalid connection string
And this msg comes up next:

Please make sure this value is not NULL."

computer is identical.
The error seems to come up after providing the 'sa' passwords and
selecting the export server.  The status box says "Restarting
MSSQLserver service" when the error occurs.
I have tried to reinstall 2000.

I cannot figure this out or find any information on it.

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