MSSQLServer Service changes to Disabled

MSSQLServer Service changes to Disabled

Post by Spyder Byt » Wed, 13 Nov 2002 04:05:26

SQL 2000 (SP2) on Windows 2000 Server (SP3)

The MSSQLSERVER service keeps changing to Disable. When the server is
restarted the MSSQLSERVER service is Disabled. I change the service to
Automatic. The service is then started. The services show MSSQLSERVER
service as 'Started' and 'Automatic'. I will then go back (an hour or
so later) and look at the service and the service is still 'Started'
but the startup type is changed back to 'Disabled'.

I have also gone in to the Enterprise Manager (in the properties of
the specific SQL server) and checked the 'Autostart SQL Server' under
the autostart policies when the operating system starts (on the
Properties General tab).

Any thoughts on what might toggling this service to disable?

Is there a registry setting that is messed up and this is changing the
Service back to Disabled?

I have also considered going back to the SQL install CD and selecting
the Advanced option and rebuilding the registry. I am cautious about
doing this since I am not sure if it will change any other SQL
configurations. What will the registry rebuild change?



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