full text search in russian

full text search in russian

Post by John Kan » Wed, 03 Mar 2004 01:41:11

Unfortunately, Russian is not one of the languages that SQL Full Text Search
(FTS) supports as it only supports a subset of languages that SQL Server
support. However, you can use the Neutral "Language for Word Breaker" when
you create the FT Catalog on the column with the Russian words.

Note, you can also post FTS related questions to the newsgroup:

Quote:> Hi, guru's
> As far as I understand, MS SQL2000 makes good full text search in English

but ignores all Russian words. Is there a way overcoming this trouble?

> Thanks and breg


1. full-text catalog with russian documents

does any body know how SQL Server support full-text catalog with languages
other than english.
the catalog populated OK but when i try to execute a query with CONTAINS or
... CONTAINS(*, ' "some russian words" ') ...
the error is occures: "The query contained only ignored words"

that does it mean?

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