Merge Replication Does not work

Merge Replication Does not work

Post by Mark Sa » Thu, 15 Jun 2000 04:00:00

We have been attempting to get merge replication working for some 8 weeks

We have tried:
SQL Server7 Enterprise Edition SP0, SP1 & SP2 with clients running MSDE SP0,
SP1, SP2 on Win95/Win98 & WinNT Workstation 4.0. IN all combinations. We
have also attempted multiple installations on different hardware and
relocated the server into a different internet connection. We are currently
running WinNTSp6a, SQL7.0 SP1 on the server and Clients are running with
SQL7.0 SP1 with the replication agent hot-fix supplied by Microsoft.

So far we have had mixed results with the download of the snapshot creation
falling over at different phases of the process. Initially we only saw the
process stop when downloading one of the *.sch files from the FTP server. We
investigated 'Black Hole' router's based on a Microsoft article and are now
running an MTU of 576 on the network interface and PMTU detection is turned
off. We have also set the 'Network Size' within SQLServer to 512. This has
had limited success with some clients able to download the snapshot. The
download process usually stops on different *.sch files and yes we have
checked the file permissions.

Microsoft support was unable to provide any real answers.

This is now critical and we well behind schedule. Any assistance would be
greatly appreciated.


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I have a situation in which I have 3 office locations
which do not share a common domain and are connected to
each other via TCP/IP through a DSL connection(no t-1 or t-
3).  The requirement is that they all in be sync and that
laptops for mobile users be able to be synced as well on

Using the client network utility, we set up an alias for
each office so we could connect successfully.  I was able
to get merge replication set up, or so it seemed, and
attempted a sync knowing ahead of time that there were
many differences in the database between each office.  The
sync came up dry with no data being merged and no errors
being reported.  I took the following steps:

1) Forced a validation with checksum and record count
2) Forced a new snapshot
3) Forced a new resync among the locations

This brought no results of data transfer among the
participating offices.  I have removed replication from
the boxes three times trying to get a different result  
but to no avail reach the same result.  I need help and I
need it fast!!!!

Please e-mail me with questions or suggestions at


Craig Johnson
Durham, NC

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