HELP for 2.0 Upsizing tool

HELP for 2.0 Upsizing tool

Post by Rodolfo Rugh » Mon, 24 Mar 1997 04:00:00

Do you know where can I find Access 2.0 upsizing tool ?

Can you e-mail me this tool ?

Thank you.

Rodolfo Rughi
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1. Access Upsizing Tool: Can't upsize tables with OLE field

Since I posted my last article. I have conducted further test with a single table import.
I have stripped all the fields in this table, except for the id field and the OLE field
and did another import. I got the same type of error message: UT_Copydata - Server Error
0: Timeout expired.

This lead me to think that there are some fundamental difference between the OLE field in
MS Access 7.0 and the image field in SQL 6.5.

Any insigt on this issue?


Jian Huang

My original article follows:
I have a database of about 12MB, of which a major table consumes about
10MB. This table has an OLE field, which contains arbitrary objects.

In the process of upsizing into an SQL 6.5 database, it took several
minutes for the AUT to transfer the table structure and data and
eventually failed with and error message:

Server timeout expired.

I don't know if the server timeout parameter can be viewed/set from the
server manager. Looking through SQL KB pages of Microsoft Web site, a
few stored procedures strike: sp_configure, sp_serveroption and
dbsettime(). I don't know whether they are relevent and if so, how can
can set them.


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