SQL Prompting for Notes password

SQL Prompting for Notes password

Post by Abul » Thu, 14 Jun 2001 20:13:55


I have configured SQL Server 7.0 to use Lotus Notes however when I set up a job
in DTS to send mail..DTS doesn't prompt for the Notes password the first time but
on the any subsequent time it does..Even when I put the Lotus Notes password in
the DTS mail task..

Is this a bug??

Any help suggestions appreciated..

Thanks in advance.



1. SQL Server Remote View ALWAYS Prompting for Password

We are trying to access a SQL Server 7.0 table using the remote view
"sql_Vehicle". Using all four methods below from within the development
environment, the connections appear to work correctly, but when you go to
use the remote view, it always prompts for the password. If the environment
is set to not prompt for the password (Tools->Options->Remote Data->Show
Login=Never), then the ODBC driver error "Login failed for user '(null)'.
Reason: Not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection" is displayed.
The DSN is set for TCP/IP connection to the SQL Server and a network sniff
shows that it is using the TCP/IP port to communicate with the SQL Server.

What needs to be done to use the remote view without being prompted for a

Method 1:

modi conn connect1
=DbSetProp("Connect1", "Connection", "UserID", cUserName)
=DbSetProp("Connect1", "Connection", "Password", cPassword)
Use sql_Vehicle in 0

Method 2:

nConnectionHandle =
? SqlSetProp(nConnectionHandle, 'DispLogin', 3)
Use sql_Vehicle in 0
= SqlDisConnect(nConnectionHandle)

Method 3:

nConnectionHandle = SqlConnect(cDSN, cUserName, cPassword)
? SqlSetProp(nConnectionHandle, 'DispLogin', 3)
Use sql_Vehicle in 0
= SqlDisConnect(nConnectionHandle)

Method 4:

STORE SQLCONNECT(cDSN, cUserName, cPassword) TO gnConnHandle
IF gnConnHandle <= 0
= MESSAGEBOX('Cannot make connection', 16, 'SQL Connect Error')
= MESSAGEBOX('Connection made', 48, 'SQL Connect Message')
Use sql_Vehicle in 0

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