Need statistics for planning

Need statistics for planning

Post by Zork G. Hu » Sun, 20 Jan 2002 09:58:21

I am in the process of writing a business plan, seeking information that can
help me to estimate the cost of maintaining a large database. I would like
to see statistics on existing installations. There must be some statistics
available I just do not know where to find them.

The service I am trying to design would have a small public front end and a
large database supported part for registered users. User records will have
several dozen fields and each user could have hundreds of very simple
transaction records that I would need to keep indefinitely.

The questions I need answers for are:

  a.. What is the average cost of supporting an on-line user (or let's say
per 1000 users?)
        Can I find statistics that will break down the cost in view of the
whole business for:
system administration,
programming and maintenance
office space
connection cost; etc.   -  depending on the size of the database?

        How many users can I (realistically) support on a single box?

  a.. How many concurrent connections can I expect IIS to handle on a single
        Is there some sort of tool that could help me to estimate my
system requirements as I design (sketch) the database?

        At what size should I have to consider moving onto a

etc., etc

I think you got the idea.

Any help/advice/pointer will be greatly appreciated

Zork G. Hun
TriX Consulting


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