URGENT!: Problems refreshing Excel pivot tables with SQL Server 2000

URGENT!: Problems refreshing Excel pivot tables with SQL Server 2000

Post by Oscar Eskub » Tue, 17 Oct 2000 04:00:00

I have been using a Microsoft SQL Server 6.5 like the data sourse until now,
that we have installed a new Microsoft SQL Server 2000, migrating the data
from the old server.

I created a lot of pivot tables in Excel 95 using the old Microsoft SQL
Server 6.5 as data source. Now I need to refresh the data of these pivot
tables using the new Microsoft SQL Server 2000 as data source.

I have changed the configuration of the data source name in the ODBC
configuration, for using the new server, because the old server is down.

When I try to refresh the data of the pivot tables using the new server as
data source, I get a message to select the new data source name. Then I
select the new one, and after this I give my username and password to access
to the SQL Server, connecting to the server (I know that the conection is
right because if I try with a bad username and password, I get "Login

And here is the problem: at this point, I get an error message: "Invalid
object name: 'Ventas.dbo.HistoricoComparativo'.", where "Ventas" is the name
of the database, and "HistoricoComparativo" is a name of a table in this
database, and that's all, I can not do anything more. So I need to refresh
my pivot tables using the new server but I have no way to do this.

I need to refresh the data of all of my pivot tables, but the change of the
server makes me it impossible.
Any idea?. Please, help me!.


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Hi all.

We're developing a solution y which the final analisys of
the data is through a Pivot Table in Excel which
represents data in percentages. We managed to have the
pivot table working on Excel 2000 but when we used Excel
XP the percentages are lost in some situations (showing
then '#VALUE!').

They are only lost when we filter the data picking only
some values of the fields, but not when we select the 'All
[field]' option.

This is becoming very frustrating because we thought the
percentages were allways calculated in the cube so ?why
does changing the client affect the results?.

I'm not sure if the explanation above is very clear but i
need some help with this issue asap.


Alejandro Mezcua

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