Restore Master Database

Restore Master Database

Post by tong110 » Sat, 12 Oct 2002 12:30:04

Hi All,

I have an urgent question, can anyone give me a hint?

I am working on a program to backup/restore database, I am using SQLDMO.
Now, I can do complete/differential backup/restore on user database and some
of the system database. But I can't restore Master database. The
SQLRestore( ) failed. I checked the SQL Server online help and know that to
restore a master database, I have to start a SQL Server in single-user mode,
so I set this property in the code and still can't restore Master database.
Does anyone know the correct way to do it in SQLDMO?

And another question, even in Enterprise Manager I met problem when
restoring Master database. I have set the SQL Server start parameters (-m)so
that it starts as single-user mode, but when I restore Master database, it
first prompts "successful", then the restore dialog is not responding and I
can't shut down the Enterprise Manager. What else are required when
restoring Master database in the Enterprise Manager except that it must
starts as single-use mode?

Thank you so much!



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I get the message 'ODBC SQLState: 42S22Error 207: Invalid Column Name' when
creating a new database maintenance plan. Could this be caused by a
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TIA ... Bob Brainin

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