Restoring Master Database

Restoring Master Database

Post by Da.. » Fri, 20 Feb 1998 04:00:00

About a weeks ago I had to reinstall all O.S. Win NT and SQL Server 6.0
 and I tried to restore all the SQL databases from the DAT backup tape.
No problem on restoring user DB, but on trying to restore MASTER database
a msgbox with network error occurs.....OK it seems to restore well
anyway! But why my user database begin marked as unaccesible
and there is an indication: RECOVERING ????
I waited for about half an hour but nothing happened....
I tried also to restore MASTER DB befor user DB...but the same thing happen.
Any suggest ?
Thanks in advance,


Restoring Master Database

Post by John Barr » Sat, 21 Feb 1998 04:00:00

Hi, Dario.

It's my understanding that you're hosed unless you've dumped (backed up)
your master database since last "significant" change to any database,
unless either you use a backup agent that allows SQLServer databases to be
backed up while online, or you halt the SQLServer instance during backup.
Period.  You should notice messages from backup app about skipped files,
like all the data files.

The simplest way would seem to be to schedule regular dumps of databases,
starting with the master, since it contains the metadata.

Sorry about that.

Quote:> About a weeks ago I had to reinstall all O.S. Win NT and SQL Server 6.0
>  and I tried to restore all the SQL databases from the DAT backup tape.



1. Restore Master Database

Hi All,

I have an urgent question, can anyone give me a hint?

I am working on a program to backup/restore database, I am using SQLDMO.
Now, I can do complete/differential backup/restore on user database and some
of the system database. But I can't restore Master database. The
SQLRestore( ) failed. I checked the SQL Server online help and know that to
restore a master database, I have to start a SQL Server in single-user mode,
so I set this property in the code and still can't restore Master database.
Does anyone know the correct way to do it in SQLDMO?

And another question, even in Enterprise Manager I met problem when
restoring Master database. I have set the SQL Server start parameters (-m)so
that it starts as single-user mode, but when I restore Master database, it
first prompts "successful", then the restore dialog is not responding and I
can't shut down the Enterprise Manager. What else are required when
restoring Master database in the Enterprise Manager except that it must
starts as single-use mode?

Thank you so much!


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