Case sensitivity for table and column names for MS SQL Server 6.5

Case sensitivity for table and column names for MS SQL Server 6.5

Post by Erland Sommarsk » Sun, 07 Sep 1997 04:00:00

Quote:>We are extending our application to work SQLBase and MS SQL Server 6.5.
>We installed MS SQL Server using dictionary case-sensitive sort order and
>have problem:
>All our queries were written used some styles: ones wrote CUSTOMERS,
>otheres - Customers and customers.
>SQLBase translated all to CUSTOMERS, but SQL Server can't find obects
>(tables and columns) and raise error.
>We can not set dictionary case-insensitive sort order, because data are

>Does exist any solution?

Not within SQL Server, however, if your table and column names are
distinct enough, you should be able to fix your code by running
it through some general search/replace tool. If you know Perl, this
is a perfect tool for the task.

You may also want to reconsider your position on using a case-sensitive
sort order. You say that your data is case-sensitive, but I'm a little
uncertain what you mean by that. Would really "Jeltsin" and "JELTSIN"
be two different customer names? Or do you mean that you want to
preserve the case that the user entered? In such case, case-insensitive
is the way to go, because SQL Server will change no case, and the user
is much happier if he does not have to remember if he put in "Jeltsin"
or "JELTSIN" when he initially added the customer to the data base.


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