Shrink Data File

Shrink Data File

Post by Ahmad Nafise » Sun, 17 Jun 2001 00:55:39

I've used the procedure DBCC SHRINKDATABASE (databasename, shrinkonly) to
reclaim unused space, but the data file size did not change. The original
database size when it was created is 10 MB, so I should be able to shrink it
to at least that size. Do I need to stop and re-start SQL server to see a

Thank you


1. Shrinking data file and log file

This past weekend I purged a lot of data in one of my
databases.  I've noticed that my data and log files
instead of shrinking actually grew a little.  I went into
Enterprise Manager and chose my database, selected Shrink
database and chose my log file to shrink.  I specified an
amount for it to be shrunk to and clicked said
that the file was shrunk successfully but whenever I
select properties on the database and choose the
transaction log my space allocated is still the same.  Am
I missing something?


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