Attn: Michael MacGregor

Attn: Michael MacGregor

Post by Chris Savedg » Thu, 23 Aug 2001 21:51:32

Hello Michael,
    I'm trying to use the stored procedure that you helped me build the
other day.  The following is my situation.  I hope that it is clear and that
you know a little about access as well as SQL Server:

In a sub routine/module I have an IF/THEN/ELSE Statement:

Dim sSQL As String
Dim rsUPDATE As DAO.Recordset
Dim DB As Database
Set DB = CurrentDb

If Form_frmHeatingSpecial.txtSpecNet = "1000" Then

sSQL = "SELECT proddta_F4072.ADAN8, proddta_F4072.ADITM,
sSQL = sSQL & " FROM proddta_F4072 INNER JOIN Heating1000 ON
proddta_F4072.ADITM = Heating1000.ADITM"
sSQL = sSQL & " WHERE proddta_F4072.ADAN8 = " &
Form_frmHeatingSpecial.TxtCustomerNum & " "

   Set rsUPDATE = CurrentDb.OpenRecordset(sSQL, dbOpenSnapshot)

    If rsUPDATE.EOF Then
        MsgBox "This is not a returning customer.", vbCritical, "Legend
Valve Heating Special"
        Form_frmHeatingSpecial.TxtCustomerNum = Null
        Form_frmHeatingSpecial.txtSpecNet = Null
        Exit Sub
        Pass_through Query
    End If

End If

On the Else statement, I want to call my stored procedure, which is called
heatingspecial.  This is where I get confused.  How do I call a stored
procedure from SQL Server?  Here is my stored procedure:

+ 1 AS
 VARCHAR(2)), 1)) +

Also, as you can see in the update section of the stored procedure, I want

entered by a user from a form.  I would love any advise.  I have never
worked with stored porcedures before.



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very different then Access.

  VARCHAR(2)), 1)) +

 WHERE CRPDTA.F4072.[ADLITM]='201-263' And CRPDTA.F4072.[ADAN8]=13390

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