Write conflict - Access 2000 Mainform/Subform - SQL 7.0

Write conflict - Access 2000 Mainform/Subform - SQL 7.0

Post by Harbinder Bansa » Tue, 27 May 2003 10:02:04

I have problem and was hoping the someone could help me with it - I have a
main form with a number subforms most of these are views of the same table.
When I insert a new record into the table and the focus move from the main
form to the one of the subforms I get a "write conflict" error ( I'm the
only one using the database).

To fix the problem I created a procedure to trap the error using the main
forms "On Error" event property. The procedure looks as follows:

Private Sub Form_Error(DataErr As Integer, Response As Integer)

If DataErr = 7787 Then

Response = acDataErrAdded

End If

End Sub

Which stops the "write conflict" pop-up from appearing but does not save the
information and allow me to carry on, i.e. all the fields I just edited on
main form are reset - I was led to believe that setting the Response to
acDataErrAdded would fix this problem but for some reason it does not seem
to work. If anyone has any ideas why this or how to fix this sort of problem
please let me know.

BTW: My table is linked to a number of other tables, I have recreated all of
the links and checked that they are ok, I have also made sure that all
fields that are defined "bit" have default values ("0"). The database was
upsized from Access 2000 to SLQ 7.0 using the upsizing wizard.


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We have been running Access 97 backended with SQL 7.0 for about 6 months
with no real problems. I have just tried upgrading to Access 2000 and have
hit a problem. Even at table level, when editing existing records I get a
Write Conflict "This record has been changed by another user since you
started editing it...bla..bla...bla".

Any ideas? Am I using the right ODBC drivers. I loaded MDAC2.1 SP1 and was
using it with Access 97 ok!


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