ODBC Administrator problems ...

ODBC Administrator problems ...

Post by melissa Mussitsc » Thu, 26 Nov 1998 04:00:00


When I go into the ODBC Administrator and click the System DSN tab and
add a new entry, it gives me no errors but does not display the new
entry in the window when I'm done.  This used to work.
Anyone ever experience this?  And what should I do about it?  I'm
assuming some type of reinstall is required.  But what is the least
amount of rework I need to do to get this working?

working on this problem.

Melissa Mussitsch


1. ODBC Administrator Problems

I know this is not really a Delphi question, but I hope to benefit from all
of the Windows database experience.

I have 16-bit ODBC installed under Windows 95 (no 32-bit drivers yet).
When I go into
the ODBC administrator (odbcadm.exe) and try to set up some drivers I get
"Setup routines for the <driver> could not be loaded.  You may be to low on
memory and need to quit a few applications" error.  I know that I have
enough memory, and not all of the installed drivers suffer from this
problem.  This has
happened here (at work) on other machines and the only way that I seem to
be able to fix it is to reinstall Window 95.  There must be a better way!?

Any help with this matter will be greatly appreciated!


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