Master Database

Master Database

Post by Kimberly Tripp-Simonne » Tue, 26 Jun 2001 10:35:26

You'll need to run rebuildm to rebuild the master database - and all of the
other system databases. IF you're running this on ss2k then you need to make
sure you point the data files path to a location where the files are not set
to read only. If I copy them from a network location I'll usually point a
second command prompt at the \program files\microsoft sql server\mssql\data
directory and then run "attrib *.* -r" over and over again while the files
are being copied. This will make sure that as they are copied the r/o bit
will be turned off. If it's not turned off then the "updating server
configuration" dialog will just stay there forever (well 13 hours is the
longest I've heard someone waiting :). Anyway, rebuildm should only take a
few minutes after the copy. If you have any doubts copy the x86\data
directory to a local drive and point rebuildm at that.

Step2 Start SQL Server in single user mode
    go to the instance binn directory
        \program files\microsoft sql server\mssql\binn and run
            sqlservr -m

Restore master from the most recent backup. Once restored it will stop the

Restart the server and then restore the msdb, and optionally the model, pubs
and northwind databases.

At that point you should be back up and running.

Good luck,

Kimberly Tripp-Simonnet
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easier to test and answer. Thanks!

Quote:> if master database crashes, how should I restore?
> can you explain me in steps

> thanks in advance


1. loosing a couple of records while merging Databases Tables to a master DataBase

I have a program that runs on three sites, each with their own network but
not connected.  I didn't design it but stuck with using it.   I use JET and
and Access
7 database and mostly SQL calls.  So periodically
the user runs a routine that I have written that takes the data and simply
merges it,  it has worked flawlessly for about 10 times but now it looses
about 10 records out of 4 thousand or so, it is really weird.  The part that
is giving me the problem is this and the data is in the source but gets
lost, I can cut and paste using access fine, so I assume that the record
isn't locked or something, but it might be just what it is.

Set TransDataBase = OpenDatabase("f:\newtran\master\trans.mdb", False)
TransDataBase.Execute "DELETE * FROM ClientData ;"

Set Trans1 = OpenDatabase("f:\newtran\" & "\transfer\S.mdb", False)
Set Trans2 = OpenDatabase("f:\newtran\" & "\transfer\W.mdb", False)
Set Trans3 = OpenDatabase("f:\newtran\" & "\transfer\A.mdb", False)

sqlstring = "Insert Into clientData IN 'f:\newtran\master\trans.mdb'

Select * from [ClientData];"

Trans1.Execute (sqlstring)
Trans2.Execute (sqlstring)
Trans3.Execute (sqlstring)


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