default password of distributor_admin

default password of distributor_admin

Post by Leonard » Tue, 24 Sep 2002 22:36:08

what is the default password of distributor_admin?

default password of distributor_admin

Post by Raj Gil » Wed, 25 Sep 2002 13:05:07

stored procedure.
You can use sp_changedistributor_password to reset the password and it
doesn't require entering the old password.


Quote:> what is the default password of distributor_admin?


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I am setting up replication to and from a SQL Server outside a firewall. But
I have a security problem configuring the central server (A) as a
distributor for the publisher server (B) outside the firewall.

The replication wizard asks me to write a password for the 'administrative
link' between the publisher and the distributor, that is, the
distributor_admin login. But I don't know that password since it has been
generated automatically when I set up the distributor. Could this problem be
solved simply by changing the password?

The central server (A) is also a distributor for many other SQL servers (C
and D) in the system. If I change the distributor_admin password, I suppose
the replication from the servers C and D will stop until I update the
distributor settings on those servers. But it can be done, can't it?

I would appriciate any advice in this issue.

    Fredrik M?ller

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