what is SQL?

what is SQL?

Post by Shau » Thu, 06 Jan 2000 04:00:00

Sounds like a stupid question, but it is serious.  I can find whollops
of information at mdsn regarding how to implement this and that and all
the version updates to 7.0 that took place, but the real information i
am trying to find is much more basic and difficult to locate:

Is there a basic outline somewhere online that just flowcharts the
logistics behind the microsoft family of products?  I have suddenly
delved headfirst into a world of .asp programming and find myself
surrounded by ODBC, SQL and VBScript.  I obviously need to learn them
all, but to varying extents.  I am a "little" overwhelmed with the
direction to head first and foremost.  So I am looking for a basic
description of what each component of the server-side group of
applications has been designed to do.

Make sense?

something like:  "...well when the webpage loads, the asp tells the
server that it needs to get the data from .....blah blah blah.... and
then that is where the ODBC fits in
.  The job of the ODBC component is to......    / ....... after which
you will see how the SQL has connected ......... and the result is seen
in HTML to the client as this:.......

Even a pointer to a good introductory book is welcomed, one that goes
less into how to configure and manage the software and more into the
architectural logic behind how everything relates to each other

Thanx in advance


what is SQL?

Post by russell johnso » Sun, 09 Jan 2000 04:00:00

Hi Shaun,
Heres a scenario that may help you...

I'm using my Internet Browser to open an ASP page off your server.  The ASP
page will list stuff from a database on your server.

I click on your link.
Your web server accepts my request to view the page and then processes the
page (Server sided Processing).
The page is told to open an ODBC source (defined in the Servers Control
The source is opened, which happens to be your database.
SQL queries, ActiveX commands etc are made from the ASP page and the
relevent data/information is returned from the ODBC source (the database).
Once all Server sided (<% this = that %> etc) has finished, the resulting
page will contain all the returned information, formatted according to the
HTML written in the ASP file.
Your server sends this formatted page back to my browser and I view it.

My ASP bible is the ASP Roadmap, installed when I installed ASP ver1.  The
Roadmap is a great place to start, has many examples, and I refer to it all
the time.

ASP is great, enjoy it.