Problem: SQL Server 7.0/Microsoft Query 8.0/SQL Server ODBC driver on MacOS 9

Problem: SQL Server 7.0/Microsoft Query 8.0/SQL Server ODBC driver on MacOS 9

Post by Charles C Well » Thu, 30 Mar 2000 04:00:00

Trying to connect to SQL Server 7.0 on NT 4.0 machine from MacOS 9 client
running MS Query 8 and the ODBC driver for SQL Server. It connects briefly
then comes back with an error:

Data truncated
Couldn't read this file

The ODBC driver in question was installed along with MS Query from the
Office 98 Value Pack. (hmm...almost begs for a snide remark about 'value'
but I'll let it go...<s>)

I assume the problem is that this driver only supports SQL Server 6.5, not
7.0. Can anyone confirm? MS, are you listening? If so, please note the
interest in having current ODBC drivers included with MS Office for the Mac.

thx in advance to any and all who care to comment.


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I am using ADO to populate a treeview control from database info.  I am able
to create recordsets that rely on the value of information from another
recordset. Everything works fine, except for the speed issue (7000 items in
the treeview).  To improve performance, I created stored proceedures on the
server to create the recordsets.  The performance improvement is dramatic.
The version that does not use the stored procedure simply closes the
recordset on the inside loop, changes the recordset based on the next
iteration of the outside loop, reopens and adds items to the treeview.  The
program flow is exactly the same when using the stored procedure on the
server to populate the recordset except that the first occurance of a
value(dim 'd as string) that is encountered greater than 7 characters the
following error is displayed:

RunTimeError'-2147217833(80040e57)':[Microsoft][ODBC Sql Server Driver]
String Data Right Truncated

The variable passed to the stored procedure is received in the procedure
Create Procedure usp_cat


Since the error is "Sql Server Driver", I suspect there is some
interpretation problem or conversion problem that is corrupting the variable

What's the fix??

Mike Byerley

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