Unable to Install SQL Server 7 Desktop on Windows 98

Unable to Install SQL Server 7 Desktop on Windows 98

Post by mdstudio » Wed, 03 Mar 1999 04:00:00

We have 3 pentium II 450 boxes running 128MB memory, 10GB to 13GB HD
available and no network card.  Currently only have NetBEUI and TCP/IP
protocols installed.  These systems are all running Windows 98.

Whenever we attempt to install SQL Server 7 Desktop on our Windows 98
systems it goes through the install and then says "Connecting to Server..."

We have tried to run custom install first and install all of the other
components but the server database component.  Then have gone into Client
network utility and set default library to TCP/IP and then install the
database component.  We get the same thing to happen on each system.

Anyone know of the work around for this?  I have listed the contents of my
errorlog, cnfgsvr.out and sqlstp.log files below.  Have attempted multiple
installs with the same result.

Any help would be appreciated.

sqlstp file:
00:29:24 SetNewPath returned: 0
00:29:24 Path successfully updated.
00:29:24 d:\MSSQL7\binn\cnfgsvr.exe  -Silent 2 -NoSampleDB 0 -SQLPath
"d:\MSSQL7\" -SQLDataPath "d:\MSSQL7\" -SortID 52 -LCIDCompStyle
"1033-196609" -HWND 748 -User sa -Pwd

cnfgsvr.out file:

Starting Service ...
Connecting to Server ...
driver={sql server};server=TEST;UID=sa;PWD=;database=master

1999-02-23 00:36:15.43 kernel   Microsoft SQL Server  7.00 - 7.00.623 (Intel
Nov 27 1998 22:20:07
Copyright (c) 1988-1998 Microsoft Corporation
Desktop Edition on Windows 4.10 (Build 1998:  )
1999-02-23 00:36:15.45 kernel   Copyright (C) 1988-1997 Microsoft
1999-02-23 00:36:15.45 kernel   All rights reserved.
1999-02-23 00:36:15.45 kernel   Logging SQL Server messages in file
1999-02-23 00:36:15.53 kernel   initconfig: Number of user connections
limited to 32767.
1999-02-23 00:36:15.54 kernel   SQL Server is starting at priority class
'normal'(1 CPU detected).
1999-02-23 00:36:15.58 kernel   User Mode Scheduler configured for thread
1999-02-23 00:36:16.77 server   Directory Size: 5391
1999-02-23 00:36:16.82 spid1    Using dynamic lock allocation. [500] Lock
Blocks, [1000] Lock Owner Blocks
1999-02-23 00:36:16.84 spid1    failed to get sqlservr image range
1999-02-23 00:36:16.88 spid1    Starting up database 'master'.
1999-02-23 00:36:16.88 spid1    Opening file d:\MSSQL7\data\master.mdf.
1999-02-23 00:36:16.92 spid1    Opening file d:\MSSQL7\data\mastlog.ldf.
1999-02-23 00:36:17.00 spid1    Loading SQL Server's  Unicode collation.
1999-02-23 00:36:17.06 spid1    Loading SQL Server's  non-Unicode sort order
and character set.
1999-02-23 00:36:17.21 spid1    Starting up database 'model'.
1999-02-23 00:36:17.21 spid1    Opening file c:\mssql7\data\model.mdf.
1999-02-23 00:36:17.22 kernel   udopen: Operating system error 3(The system
cannot find the path specified.) during the creation/opening of physical
device c:\mssql7\data\model.mdf.
1999-02-23 00:36:17.25 kernel   FCB::Open failed: Could not open device
c:\mssql7\data\model.mdf for virtual device number (VDN) 1.
1999-02-23 00:36:17.28 spid1    Device activation error. The physical file
name 'c:\mssql7\data\model.mdf' may be incorrect.
1999-02-23 00:36:17.31 spid1    Database 'model' cannot be opened because
some of the files could not be activated.


1. Unable to Install SQL Server 7 on Windows 98


Any help on the following problem will be greatly appreciated.
I truly believe the issue should be referenced in the FAQ,
since I did find out that I am not the only one with the problem.
I diligently searched all the newsgroups I could get my
hands on and indeed found a couple of references to the same
problem that I am experiencing. I did not find _ANY_ references
or even slightest hints towards solution.

Problem: Installation on SQL Server 7.0 on Windows 98 laptop

Symptoms: Setup fails attempting to start the service and
           configure the server. After that there are 2 possible

1. You interrupt the installation: After confirming with you that
   you do want to continue, setup resumes and finishes the installation
   leaving the server unconfigured

2. You do not do anything: Setup bails.

No matter which path you take SQL server 7 is still not configured and
is unusable.

cnfgsvr.out reports the following:

Starting Service ...

An error occurred while attempting to start the service (1460)

SQL Server configuration failed.

Any insights will be highly appreciated. I do have one request. Please,
do not recommend to contact MS Tech. Support. I leave it as a last


Tony Oganesian.

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