Visual Interdev & SQL Server Security via DialUp

Visual Interdev & SQL Server Security via DialUp

Post by John Gallaughe » Thu, 10 Feb 2000 04:00:00

I'm finding that dial-in security requires different entries than
on-campus security.  I think I've got the problem*ed for Visual
Interdev & accessing VI projects, but I can't seem to reconcile how to
specify server names and/or user Ids to access SQL server via the dialup

The server is available only via the campus network & dialin.  It's not
on the broader Internet.  I've discovered that when using campus dialup
(it's the same domain) & accessing the VI web projects, I need to
specify the login domain that my UserID is associated with (e.g.
A-H/gallaugh).  Also, while the server is named itgroup, I need to
specify the full domain name in all URLs.  On campus I could eliminate
the '' domain name. This all works fine

The problem occurs when I try to establish a SQL Server database
connection or access the database in Visual Interdev using a connection
that I set up on campus.  For example, when I try to access any of the
items in the Data View window, I'm prompted with the usual SQL Server
login.  While I can log in fine via my direct connection at the
University, via University dialup, my entries aren't accepted.  I've
tried changing the server name from ITGROUP to ITGROUP.BC.EDU, and I've
tried entering my UserID as 'A-H\gallaugh' instead of just 'gallaugh',
but no go.  Here's another curious thing - when I try to pull down the
'Server' menu to see if the ITGROUP server is in the list, the name
disappears!  I'm assuming that ITGROUP is listed because I set this
connection up at school, but for some reason, this server isn't picked
off when I'm coming in via campus dialup.  Note that any web pages that
I've bound to the database can be accessed & work fine when using
dialup.  I just can't use VI to get into my database.

I get different error messages when I try different approaches.  

When I try to log on the same way I do with my direct connection
(server: itgroup) userID: gallaugh, password entered correctly, I get:
Connection Failed:
SQL State '01000'
SQL Server Error: 1326
[DBNMTPNTW]ConnectionOpen (Create File())
Connection Failed:
SQL State '08001'
SQL Server Error: 1326

I get the same thing when I try to add my login domain to the preface of
my userID (e.g. 'A-H\gallaugh').

When I specify the server name as '' instead of 'itgroup'
(which I use & works fine w/the direct connection), I get:
Connection Failed:
SQL State '08001'
SQL Server Error: 6
[DBNMTPNTW]Specified SQL Server Not Found.

Any suggestions?  I've got a bunch of students itching to work with
Visual Interdev & SQL Server via their dialup connections.

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Assistant Professor of Information Systems
Wallace E. Carroll School of Management - Boston College
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