Referential Integrity

Referential Integrity

Post by Sri Pedda » Sat, 21 Mar 1998 04:00:00

I have some questions in these related fields.

1. My database  is a distributed database. Can we enforce Referential
Integrity between  the distributed databases.

        a.  If the distributed database exists on the same server.
        b.  If the distributed database exists on different servers
located remotely.

When I say distributed I mean that my database  is  broken down into
smaller databases and I need to enforce referential
integrity between the  tables in  one or more different databases.

3. My database is in Access. The table names , column names and other
related object names have spaces in them. I want them  to be  replicated
to SQL server and Oracle server. I am assuming that as SQL Server and
Access are Microsoft products there might not be a problem But if I have
to replicate to Oracle in future. I don't know?

I would appreciate If anyone could help me out. I would also like to know
if there are any good books or documentation on these
subjects. Thank You.


1. setting referential integrity in sql 7.0

In sybase I can set referential integrity using three setting "cascade","set
null","set default"

But how can I do the similar job in SQL 7.0
for example:table1 contain primary key that table2 references which contains
foreign key.

alter table table2
add foreign key (belongid) references table1
on delete <cascade /set null/set default>

but I can't set these three options within SQL 7.0
Would anyone help me how I can implement this.thx

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