Replication error (Snapshot agent won't run)

Replication error (Snapshot agent won't run)

Post by Andrew Connel » Tue, 26 Sep 2000 04:00:00

I have two SQL servers in two different domains.  Server A is replicating
using transactional replication data in seven tables to Server B over the
internet.  Everything was working fine until this weekend when the snapshot
agent stopped running.  It looks like the agent is running, (passes step 1)
but fails on step two when it actually tells the agent to run it's snapshot

I looked in the NT Event log and there are errors for each attempt to run
Step two stating "The server XXXXXXXXXXXX did not register with DCOM within
the required timeout."

I'm sort of at a loss because this worked fine on Friday when we setup the
publication, but died over the weekend when it tried to run it's scheduled
snapshot schedule.



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I have created the publishers and distributor on the NT Server run SQL
Server 7.0. This server have a static internet IP.

Then I created a pull subscribers on the Windows 2000 server run SQL Server
2000. This server connect the distributor server through internet. But when
I start the snapshot agent on the distributor, the agent show failed, and
the Action message is "Another snapshot agent for the publication is

I open the jobs,  the REPL-Snapshot job have 3 step, the third step is
"Detect nonlogged agent shutdown", this step is failed.

How to slave the problem ? Thanks a lot.

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