SQL Server 6.5 - Master database Restore 3403 Error

SQL Server 6.5 - Master database Restore 3403 Error

Post by Paul McMilla » Wed, 28 Mar 2001 00:58:43

If you get a Error : 3403 Rec Init: Found that page XXXXX had non-log object
id NNNNN while checking Syslogs allocation message when trying to restore a
master database in SQL Server 6.5, then I believe that uopu have created
both the master and tempdb on the same DEVICE. This is what you must do to
fix it:

BTW - This is a problem with the restore of references to tempdb and not
master itself

a: You must ensure that the database device for the master and tempdb
database is the correct size as originally created.

b:You must ensure that you get all ALTER DATABASE commands the for BOTH
master and tempdb correctly if you have expanded either master or tempdb or

Run sp_help_revdatabases to get this infomation

c: You must ensure that you ALTER DATABASE in the correct order for both
tempdb and master:

see: select * from master..sysusages where dbid in (1, 2) order by vstart

i.e if you expanded tempdb then master then tempdb then master then master
again.. This is the order in which you should create the new sizes for the
new master and tempdb databases

d:: You must ensure that you ALTER DATABASE in the correct size (for c

f: Now restore the master database as per usual (using single mode user)

Finally: make sure that the segmap is 7 (log and data for tempdb) - You MAY
have to put tempdb in RAM (2MBytes) and take it out again to cause this to
go for 4 or 3 to 7 for Segmap on the tempdb database

I had this problem and this is how I fixed it!


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Hi all,

I'm trying to restore a master backup from one sever to another and no
matter what I try, I keep getting 'Rec_init: Found that page 9504 had
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Server again.

Books online says the transaction log of master might be corrupted.

Does anyone know how to get around this problem ?


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