Control missing from Form's controls collection

Control missing from Form's controls collection

Post by John Malon » Fri, 24 May 2002 05:57:20


I have a simple unbound form that I added a comboBox to.  My reset
routine loops through all controls & resets all acTextbox &
acComboBox's to null after cmdSave_Click.  When the new ComboBox
failed to "reset" I inserted a debug.print & found that it
(and it's label) are not included in the Form's control collection.
How can this be?  Could a certain library reference be missing?

I've tried:  Deleting & re-adding, compact & repair, Repair Access
thru SetUp.exe, All service packs, different ADODB versions.  I
created a new form & add the identical controls & it works so i'm
thinking this is a bizarre bug of sorts.



Control missing from Form's controls collection

Post by John Malon » Sat, 25 May 2002 06:38:38

umm...nevermind.  After compact/repair & pulling all objects into a
new .adp on a new (full XP) system ... it works.  I had tried this at
home w/ Win2k Adv Server using various versioned dll's w/o luck.
Sometimes it's like pins in a voodoo doll ...


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