SQL Server to Informix or Oracle across a Wan - How?

SQL Server to Informix or Oracle across a Wan - How?

Post by Mark Pickavanc » Thu, 07 Dec 1995 04:00:00

I'm looking for someone to give me a very brief
idea of how they connected two databases, one SQL
Server the other Informix or Oracle, at remote
I'm most interested in any middleware or a data
gateway that you may have used.
Please mail Me.

-- Mark Pickavance


1. Pls Help Needed: How to access a SQL Server across a WAN

 2 domains connected via a WAN, each with a SQL Server 6.5 running using
mixed security.  Both SQL Servers have the named-pipes and multi protocols

Using ping, from domain 1 I can ping the server running SQL Server on
domain 2.  However, from domain 1 I can not use odbcping to ping the SQL
Server running on domain 2.

We want to have a user with an NT account on domain 1 to be able to access
both the domain 1 SQL Server (easy) and the SQL Server running on domain 2
(not so easy!) without having to have an NT login for the domain 1 user on
domain 2.

I really need some help on this one...

Susan Mc


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