DTS Transformations Vanishing

DTS Transformations Vanishing

Post by Lawrence Baldwi » Wed, 14 Jun 2000 04:00:00

I'm using the same package to process hundreds of files with different
names.  If I happen to go into Design Package when the last file
processed doesn't exist anymore I lose all my Transformations (even if I
tell DTS NOT to reset transformations).  I had an ActiveX transformation
script for one of my columns and now it's gone.  DTS has a package
versioning system and I can see all previous versions of the package,
however, no matter which one I edit all the transformations have been
reset back to simply copy columns.

I can't find the orginal ActiveX code I put together anywhere and really
need to get a version of the package back that has the code in it.  Any
ideas much appreciated.


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We have created a DTS package that consists of two connections, a VB Script
component, and an ActiveX Transformation.  We declare a global variable in
the VB Script component called str_FISCAL_PERIOD, which is populated with
an Inputbox.  Inspection of the value shows that the global variable is
indeed getting populated correctly.  The second part of the package uses
ActiveX Scripting to move data from source to target with straight column
copy, except for the target.fiscal_period field which we are attempting to
populate with the value from the global variable.  When we attempt to set
the value of that field to DTSGlobalVariable ("str_FISCAL_PERIOD").VALUE,
we get an error that states

"Error during Transformation 'DTSTransformation__6' for Row number 1.
Errors encountered so far in this task: 1.  Error Source= Microsoft
VBScript runtime error.  Error Description:  Type mismatch:

It seems that in the Transformation ActiveX Script, DTS is thinking the
internal function name DTSGlobalVariable is a variable.  We saw something
similar when we tried to use DTSLookups in a Transformation ActiveX Script
where the error message claimed that we had to declare the undefined
variable 'DTSLookups'.

This is the actual script from the ActiveX Transformation:

Function Main()
        DTSDestination("FISCAL_PERIOD") = DTSGlobalVariable
        Main = DTSTransformStat_SkipFetch
End Function

Does anyone have a clue what we are doing wrong?

Thanks in advance!

Kelly Rowe
Renaissance Worldwide, Inc.

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