DTS and Import

DTS and Import

Post by Henry Warne » Wed, 30 Jan 2002 03:49:11

Hello Everyone,

I have to write an import to SQL2000 from Excel. The import will be run
multiple times a day and from different excel files to different databases.
The import will have to be run from a user end(Tech Support). I was
beginning to write it in DTS but I was wondering if there is a better tool
or if there are some tips on how to get the user to input the database and
the excel file with out having to get into the dts package?

Basically it looks like this now
1. Create 2 tables in temp db
2. Import from excel to temp tables
3. Update/clean temp table data
4. Copy to Live table
5. Delete tables in Temp db


1. Using DTS to Import a ULONG field

Can anyone tell me how to import a ULONG field using DTS (or BCP). I've tried
setting up an Active-X script to convert the information into CLng and CDbl.

I need to get a 4 byte hex number into an integer field in SQL Server, the text
file to be imported cannot be altered and is similar to this (in hex) (fixed
field length, not delimited)


10 digit date (no problem)
4 byte ULONG (Unsigned Long, created from C program)
4 byte ULONG

Any help greatly appreciated.
Brian Boyce
Alphatec Software Ltd

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