Mapped drives with Server Agent

Mapped drives with Server Agent

Post by Paul » Sat, 23 Jun 2001 21:13:53


Our SQL 7 server has stopped having the ability to map a drive using the
server agent.

The way it has been working for the last few month, is that the job,
runs a bat file which maps the drive, copys a file acros and then
deletes the mapping.

The bat works fine if run in a dos window, but produces,
"System error 1312 has occurred.      A specified logon session does not
exist.  It may already have    been terminated. "

at the create mapped drive command
"C:\WINNT\system32>cmd /c net use p: \\tmcpen23-lgn\f$  /user:holmes

Somthing has obviously happened, but nothing we can put our finger on,
we have created a seperate job to call and this also fails, tried stop
starting sql and re-booting the nt, but to no avail.

Any body give us any pointers?

Paul Holmes


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I have a dts package which checks for existing files whose names it pulls
out of a database.  The problem is that these files reside on another server
on the network which is accessed via a mapped path.  The package runs great
when it is run as within Enterprise Manager, but when SQL agent runs it, it
fails to locate the files at all.  I read on MS's KB that SQL Agent has
different access privileges, so I attempted to assign it read/write
privileges to the mapped drive, but that did not work either.

My question is if anyone has successfully accessed a mapped path via SQL
Agent, or if you know how to do so.  I appreciate any help on this matter.


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