SQL Exec /Cmd Exec Fails

SQL Exec /Cmd Exec Fails

Post by Huskers Fa » Thu, 21 Oct 1999 04:00:00

CmdExec Backups are not running even though SQL Executive appears to be
running.  When I attempt to run one of the scheduled tasks I am getting the
following error message: "DBLib Message Handler: Login failed- User: sa
Reason: Not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection." also "DBLib
Error Handler: Login incorrect".

Please help.


1. HELP Cmd Exec Tasks fail for non SA!!!

 I am trying to run command exec tasks with dbo usercode from scheduler and
they fail with error message "user32.dll" library failed".

The task runs fine if I run it with SA usercode.

I tried to set  the flag "xp_cndshell Use SQLExecutiveCmdExec A/c for Non
I also tried to reset  CndExec account and password but it somehow does
not work.
We use SQL local security and my dbo usercode is also NT system
Any idea where I am doing it wrong? Do I need to set up something else?

- nitin

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