am I not allowed to use

am I not allowed to use

Post by Alex » Thu, 20 Sep 2001 03:47:44

DDLs within a DML statement???




am I not allowed to use

Post by Gert-Jan Stri » Thu, 20 Sep 2001 05:23:50

No. DML is for data manipulation, DDL is for data definition (meta-data)
manipulation. That is what the abbreviations actually stand for.

However, you can use the same channel/connection/command to send DDL
and/or DML statements. You can also make batch files that mix DML and
DDL, for example:

CREATE TABLE #t (id int not null)  -- DDL
SELECT * from #t  -- DML

Then again, with Dynamic SQL you can do anything...


> DDLs within a DML statement???

> TIA.

> Alex


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