Permission denied,..., owner dbo

Permission denied,..., owner dbo

Post by Hans » Fri, 30 Jun 2000 04:00:00


The below is the error message when I execute query using isql/w in
Windows 95.

CREATE TABLE permission denied, database pilotprj, owner dbo

pilotprj database has two users already registered in SQL server.
  hans <- I registered it to the database User/group.

hans is the user account in Windows NT server which runs SQL 6.5 Server.

Permission Granting doesn't work whenever I tried Enterprise Manager.
Only Grant pending is acceptable.

What should I do?

Welcome any information.


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In SQL Server 7.0 having a problem selecting from a table who's owner is dbo.
With the Query analyzer I'm connecting to the database with login dbo. When I
try to select from the customer table, I get the following error:

SELECT permission denied on object 'Customer', database 'MyDatabase', owner

If I connect with the login sa then I can select no problem.

ANY HELP IS GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!   Here's more info about my setup:

The owner of the database is sa.
The owner of all the tables in the database is dbo.

Under server\security logins I have the following logins created:

sa   standard   permit  master       dbo  english
dbo  standard   permit  master            english

Under server\databases\MyDatabase\USERS I have the following users:

NAME   LOGIN NAME       Database Access
dbo     sa              permit
guest                   permit

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