upgrad wizards hangs on export

upgrad wizards hangs on export

Post by <stefan.dewa.. » Sat, 05 Jun 1999 04:00:00

using the upgrade wizard on 2 different machines I ran into the following

Export.exe on the remote machine was hung...Export Exit Code: 259 -
export.exe -CodePage 1252 -DeviceType Pipe -AllTables yes -MasterPath
C:\MSSQL\DATA\MASTER.DAT -DatabaseName ignition_move -DevicePath
\\.\pipe\~cnvpipe0Import Exit Code: -1 - ~cnvpipe0Msg 4854, Level 21, State
1, Server OFF-TSTSQL7, Procedure , Line 1[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server
Driver][SQL Server]****Time:06-04-1999 16:08:37.470Error return from
function CreateFilein file CnvPipe.cppLine=140rc=1326Msg=Result Code =

What I did :
1 With the 7 Client Network Utility, I made a "named pipe" connection to the
other 6.5 server
2. I started the wizard

(named pipes is installed on 6.5 machine and on 7)

nt network protocol in use = tcp/ip


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I appreciate any insight if  someone would be kind enough to share.
Dennis Wixted

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