Post by Hlin » Fri, 10 May 2002 00:18:22

Hi, all

I try to register a sql server7(sp2), iI got following error?

Login failed, the max simultaneous user count 1 licenses for this 'standard
server' has been exceeded....

I setup this server per seat.

I am wondering that this is a real license issue?????

any ideas ?



1. SQLServer licenses or NT licenses

The company I work for is about to purchase a new SQLServer-based
accounting system.  The system does not require users to log in to a
domain (luckily, because we are a novell shop).  The authentication is
done through SQLServer.  Do I have to purchase NT user licenses to
correspond with the SQLServer licenses, or will the 5-user NT license
suffice for this type of access?
Also, I have a copy of BackOffice Server 4.5 (Developer Edition) that
comes with SQL7.  Can I use this version of SQLServer for our
accounting system as long as I purchase appropriate licenses?

Thanks in advance.

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