Begin, Commit tran - tran count not matched

Begin, Commit tran - tran count not matched

Post by Deep » Thu, 16 Dec 1999 04:00:00

I have Three Begin tran and commit tran in the Stored procedure
In each tran - A lot of insert, update (Call SP and simple insert)
          if any statement fails, doing rollback
                 and going to a label that delete the row
                Now, Start over again ( select next row and go in SP)
Ran first time, got message, previous count = 0, current counr =60
Fixed again
      Now, every thing matched, RAN AGAIN
      got message, previous count = 0, current count = 30

Still tran count not matching


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1. Begin Tran-Commit Tran

I know that even if you have nested Begin and Commit trans, rollback
will roll back everything within the outermost begin commit.

I am processing about 200,000 records so I wanted to commit every 1000,
and I have a construct like the following:

Begin tran
start while loop

    if counter=1000
        commit tran
        counter = 0
        begin tran

  ---process records
end while
commit tran

I expected it to commit for every 1000 records and start a new
transaction for next 1000. My procedure bombed and it seems it is
rolling back all the records. It is meant to be that way in SQL, has
anyone tried commiting by parts.

For me, since I am commiting and starting a new transaction, it is not
nested transaction. Because commit comes before another begin. Why isn't
it working the way it is supposed?

Shailesh Khanal

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