What do I need

What do I need

Post by Mike » Fri, 13 Jul 2001 23:41:06

Ok here is the situation,
I am in cleveland ohio and i am setting up a sql server
that will be stationed in San diago, We are going to
access the data using a VPN on the san diago side they are
using a Cisco VPN with a full T1 line.  

What do i need in cleveland in reference to a ISP.  A Fast
DSL would be sufficient to access the records on the SQL
server would nt it ?

Thanks mike


1. ADO thinks DBMS is done, but DBMS ain't done

I have 2 Recordsets on 2 different applications communicating with the same

-=The first Recordset is opened with=-
m_pGlobal_RS->Open(adCmd, m_pConnection.GetInterfacePtr(), adOpenKeyset,
adLockPessimistic, adCmdText);

-=The second Recordset is opened with=-
local_RS->Open(adCmd, m_pConnection.GetInterfacePtr(), adOpenKeyset,
adLockReadOnly, adCmdText);

* adCmd is a simple SELECT statement that is the SAME for both recordsets.

The code order is roughly this

Open m_pGlobal_RS
Change fields on m_pGlobal_RS
MoveNext on all rows of m_pGlobal_RS until EOF then MoveFirst  // since
pessimistic every row op sends update
I then fire an event to another application which opens local_RS.

It is random whether the data opened by the second RS is the pre-update data
or the post-update data. How can this be? I opened the connection
with the default  synchronous option, isn't this asynchronous behavior?

Thanks for the help,

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