Replication Snapshot issue

Replication Snapshot issue

Post by Brian B » Thu, 14 Nov 2002 03:17:51

I am having a very frustrating problem with my snapshot
agent. I am running merge replication, and when i am
creating the initial snapshot the agent is doing something
strange. On my last table which also happens to be my
largest table it is not finishing with the Bulk Copied
messege. It say (100000) rows copied (200000) rows copied
(300000) rows copied and then it just goes direclty to
successful it does not say bulk copied to table. Then when
i apply the snapshot to the subscriber it does not copy
any thing into that table on the subscriber.

Please help!


1. SNAPSHOT Replication -- struggle for replication views


               I'm trying to create a snapshot replication
 of an online database to a subscriber - push

 My config options are as follows:

 (i)   The distributer and the pulished are on the same

 (ii)  The  subscriber is in the same domain as the
 distributor and its a PUSH Subscription.

 (iii) The snapshot agent is owned by sa
 (iv)  The distribution agent is owned by
 (v)  The snapshot replication is configured such that
 there are no immediate and qued updating and the
 subscribers receive data directly. Its a replication b/w
 only server 2000 versions. The articles of replication
 tables, views and stored procedures.


           The distribution stops with a data source error
 saying unable to replicate the view or stored function
 because the ref object of column are not present in the
           The users do'nt get replicated.


"You need to make sure that all the objects referenced in
replicated views
and stored procedures are either already existed in
destination db or they
are included in the publication."

               In this process, i copied a copy of the
database to the subscriber and then started replication.
But then in the publisher, its creates some sys objects
used for replication and there is a problem copying these
object, ie (((data error 108,,,  The referenced object is
not available in the database is the error))).

              I again opened the published job, and
selected all the sys objects to also be replicated and
again created a snapshot. But then this also gives a
problem. what do i do?


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