DTS Data Driven Query - what is dts expecting?

DTS Data Driven Query - what is dts expecting?

Post by Andrew Georgopulo » Fri, 28 May 1999 04:00:00

My question is about DTS Data Driven Query. I read the docs, but I missed
the boat.

When trying to get the Data Driven Query to work, I get through the
transformations page and when I get to the end, I get the error "the
Provider cannot derive parameter info and SetParameterInfo has not been

By way of additional info, I realize that in SQL Server the parameters are

but I am doing this using ODBC dsn (vfp with Other driver) and there we use
"?" to mark the parameters places.

Now, my question is this; Does ODBC expect to be inserting into my vfp
dbc into VIEWS (hence why it is asking for a view parameter) or into
TABLES, which is all that is in the target database?

Can anyone give me an example of what DTS is expecting in the pesky
parameter box and whether it presumes views instead of tables on the target?


Andrew Georgopulos; MCSD


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Thanks Euan, but I'm still having trouble.  I still get the error -- Task
'CopyFile' not found.  But my task isn't a custom task?  It's just an
execute process task I called CopyFile.
In a DTS package, connection names must be unique since they are part of a
collection, but I can create multiple Data Driven Query tasks, SQL tasks,
and Execute Process tasks all with the same name.  So I'm guessing that
those tasks must have some other unique way of being identified.  Or is it
not possible to change the properties of those tasks at run time?

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