Saving Excel 97 for Excel 5.0

Saving Excel 97 for Excel 5.0

Post by Patrick Colema » Wed, 14 May 1997 04:00:00

I am trying to send an Excel doc. to a person in England. I am
using Excel in Office 97 and he has excel 5.0 under Win3.1.
I save it as Excel 5.0/95 workbook but he can't open it.

Is there some other way I should save it?


Patrick Coleman


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I have a question reqarding Excel 95.  I have already created a Excel 97
report which is against SQL server.  Everything is working fine.  But
now, I have to convert it from Excel 97 to Excel 95.  There is some
functions which are not supported by Excel 95, such as ADO connection
and DateAdd().  Is there any workaround method for DateAdd()?  

And for the ADO connection, I had an idea.  Basically, create a Access
95 database which is linked to the SQL server, and then use the DAO
connection to the Access 95 and get the data from the database.  The
report only read data from Database.  I read some articles saying that I
have to use workspace object to connect to the database.  I tried that
method, but I wouldn't connect to the database.  The error message is
the database source doesn't exist or the database is exclusively locked
by another user.  I checked the database, no body is using it except me.
So would you please give me some suggestion on how to solve the above
problems.  Thank you for your time in helping me to the solve problem.


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